11/13 Thera Stuff

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11/13 Thera Stuff

Post by apocrit_vespulus » Fri Nov 13, 2020 8:00 am

Decided I wanted to ping an ESS fleet but I was dumb and lost my Stratios before it started trying to run a heist solo so we just did a regular nanogang roam

I reship into a sentinel, the rest of the comp is Hurricane FI, OspreyNI, OmenNI, Gila, Orthrus, and two stillettos

Thera holes were kind of dead so we yeeted into Cobalt Edge. Caught a few ratters including two strangely blinged ones https://zkillboard.com/kill/88569236/ https://zkillboard.com/kill/88569376/

Then realized no one actually looted the damn things so we turned around to grab the geckos and pith booster

We caught a Phantasm on a gate and killed it. And then a VVV Paladin jumps through the gate so we tackle it and start shooting it, after about a minute VVV starts warping stuff in piecemeal. We kill a flycatcher and a cerb and then they get sick of our shit and warp in a HAW Rev, two Machariels and a Sleipnir (plus a bunch of other shit) so we bug out.

We wait in the next system over for a little and most of VVV warps off to the athanor except for two machariels sitting 80km off the gate. Shadow tackles one of them as the other is warping off so we scramble back in and manage to kill it before the HAW Rev returns, though we do lose Lyz's ONI in the process. After successfully extracting we determine that we're low on cap boosters and drones so decide to wait out our timers and yeet out to a closer Thera hole.

Things we did well: Strung out their response fleet so we could kill stuff even though they had us outnumbered and outmatched

Things to improve on in future: Need to make sure we have more ships capable of doing ESS stuff staged in Thera. Several systems we could have tried stealing from had we the correct comp for it. Also need to call out to loot stuff if there's bling in the wreck and we have time to do it.

Battle Report:

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Re: 11/13 Thera Stuff

Post by unit_12 » Fri Nov 13, 2020 8:50 am


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