[2020-11-06] X-party in Syndicate

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[2020-11-06] X-party in Syndicate

Post by budda_sereda » Fri Nov 06, 2020 5:58 am

When I logged in Sid, William, Lyzintine, Shadow were fighting someone. Sorry I bothered you guys with stupid questions (I honestly was trying to ask when it was quiet), figured out I might catch the fight, and started moving in my SFI+ceptor from Jita.

Few minutes after I arrived we 3rd partied another fight. At some point, William was caught and he 'reshipped' into my alt's ceptor :) those guys left the grid, we collected some loot, they came back - we fought again :)
Soon Rex joined us and we lost Shadow in Keres. After several fights we decided only big RS blob left on grid so we decided to move home.

Was fun:
8.7B killed, 149M lost :) not bad ;)

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