Syndicate to Fountain, or at least that was the idea

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Syndicate to Fountain, or at least that was the idea

Post by rando_rocket » Thu Oct 15, 2020 5:53 pm

  • Comp: 1 Retribution, 2 Omen Navy, 1 Nosprey, 1 Malediciton, 1 Crow, 1 Letto, 1 Bifrost, 1 Brutix Navy, 1 Sabre
  • What did you do?: Thera Form-Up. undocked 02:15, Syndicate hole, Desto: Fountain, Abandoned desto after losses, reformed thera
  • Positives: Didn't lose the whole fleet :lol:
  • Negatives: Positioning and a lack of quick decision making was ultimately our downfall
  • What to improve on: Keeping fleet concentrated and busy doing something even if that something is just staying alive, also target calling
  • Battlereport: Upon exiting Thera into Syndicate our Sabre pilot reported a possible small gang fight to be had in AAS-8R, we traveled to engage but were unable to get a fight with them. Sabre suggested a detour to PC9-AY in hopes of requesting a fight, locals had no one around to play. We turned around to make our way to Fountain, at this point Niv met up with the fleet.

    We dashed into BY-S36 in the hopes of grabbing a ratter or two to keep the fleet interested on the way to Fountain, where upon exiting we ran into a gang of about equal in numbers but with a clear hull size advantage. At this time we had a Brutix Navy en route and decided to take the engagement, We lost several ships over the course of 5 minutes as I was unable to keep fleet in a good position and keep damage from being split. The fight strung out over both sides of a gate with some of us being split off from the remaining survivors after we disengaged. Brutix Navy was still en route and warned us of a large harpy fleet coming towards us. Brutix died to the harpy fleet, we managed to sneak our remaining survivors past the small gang to return to Thera. Return trip was without incident. Upon landing in Thera some players split off but the remaining players were lead by Niv into Oasa for an interesting ratter hunting excursion.

    Kills: A measly ONI
    Losses: Heavy

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