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[2020 - 09 - 11] Since Destiny Wont

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 9:52 pm
by bryg_philomena

Destiny arranged for a HAW roam with the intention of harassing Black Flag in Kinakka. We arranged support in the form of a battle rorqual, second haw dread and several subcaps.

Destiny and William in a ceptor left Villesen and set up on the Onnamon gate in Kinakka. Several other members began setting up a small gate camp to encourage Black Flag to engage. A third party Orca jumped in and MWD cloak trick warped off to Martoh and into Kehjari where he was caught by Apocrit and Nemalex who lit a cyno and Bryg jumped in with the rorqual. Most members left the gate camp to catch the orca with Black Flag following behind. A few moments before Black Flag jumped in to engage Bryg's rorqual, Destiny jumped his naglfar in as well.

Black flag was initially set up with 5 guardians and small sacrilege fleet. We had difficulty tracking and even with the nuets from the rorqual, a difficult time breaking the guardians. It wasn't until William reshipped into a blackbird that we were able to break and kill several guardians. Around the same time, Black Flag brought in a moros and a Nyx. They were able to take down the Naglfar and Revelation we had on grid. We brought in a single anti-cap dreadnaught by gate from Villasen and were able to successfully kill the Moros. Around the same time as the Moros went into hull Gemma in a HIC landed on the Nyx who immediately warped off and then jumped out of system.

Destiny returned in another HAW naglfar and we proceeded to kill a number of the remaining ships. At one point, GMVA warped in were able to successfully split the remaining guardians which led to several more kills. Ultimately, Black Flag yielded the field and we were left to loot the spoils. We successfully looted the majority of the field when Black Flag returned in kitey ships, but refused to engage within 60km of the dread or rorqual. We finished looting after several minutes determined we could not secure many kills and docked up.