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[2020-08-25] NBM, Caracals - #5: quiet roam with interesting kills

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2020 4:02 am
by budda_sereda
This time we did not have many people, just 9:
  • Comp
    • 4 Caracals
    • Bifrost, Sabre, 2 Ceptors and a Slasher
  • What did you do?
    As usual, on NBMs last months, we yeeted. Luck smiled to me again: the system we yeeted to had two ratters and I was lucky to catch one. Differently from last roams, I decided to go for a scram, and apparently it was the right choice, as that Ishtar had 2 (!!!) WCSs: +273M Ishtar +21M MTU

    After we made quite a few jumps through many empty systems and decided to move to Perrigen Falls. On the edge of the region we've encountered a bubbled gate and from boredom decided to shoot bubbles. When it was half in hull we noticed a gang of dozen Merlins, but they got scared of my ceptor and run away. Not sure if they saw 4 Caracals, but I'm really surprised they did not even make a half-minute stop to try to engage my ceptor.

    We came back and killed the bubble: +29M Mobile Large Warp Disruptor II

    We met our corp mates who tried to fly solo but we met further down to near Frat's staging. Rex in Stabber engaged a Domi on a gate. Curse was nearby and I was hesitant to engage. I dunno who dropped the bubble, but while I was thinking if 4 Caracals can are safe to appear on the grid with Curse... random Proteus landed on someone's buble.
    I was able to boosh him from the gate. Dunno how no-one from the fleet was able to get on top of me to pick-up the boosh, but I was sitting and shitting my pants for good 20 seconds thinking that Proteus will break lock from my Bifrost. I guess he was confused and did not agress me as he was going to crash the gate... +493M Proteus +73M pod

    Further same story happened with Tengu, though this time he did not pick-up the boosh. I assume someone landed scram as I was 2km from Tengu at the boosh moment :(

    After we had some more content coming and after taking unnecessary losses we retreated. I guess I should admit I did not do a good job coordinating fight as I left the grid a few seconds before it got hot. +9M Slasher -7M Slasher -37M Caracal -48M Caracal
    William helped River in Caracal to survive but was neutted by Huginn: -57M Raptor

    It was a bit too late and we had much more on grid than we could handle so we went home.

    Was relatively quiet but quite productive evening :)
  • Positives
    • Decent kills and some loot, so I could SRP ceptors loss (I probably start following the practice of SRPing support ships)
  • Negatives
    • Dunno what happened that people started arguing... and how serious was that, but I don't appreciate those things and would encourage everyone to STOP that.
    • Bad luck catching ratters in the Kalevala... :( they really pay attention to intell
    • Snuff do know their stuff. At least those guys we did fight.
  • What to improve on
    • Need to learn how to safe-drop loot to hostile structures faster,
  • Battlereport

    Total Killed: +898M
    Total Lost: -149M