[2020-08-18] NBM, Caracals - #4: Horde or Snuff

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[2020-08-18] NBM, Caracals - #4: Horde or Snuff

Post by budda_sereda » Wed Aug 19, 2020 4:51 am

Thera was so close to Amygnon and there were few good connections so rather than yet I decided to visit some relatively active areas

This time we formed up
  • Comp
    • 3 Cerberus
    • a few Caracals
    • Sabre
    • Few ceptors
    • Closer to the end a few folks joined in Dragur, Succubus, other smaller ships
    • No logies this time except William's Scalpel... kinds of a slow nano gang :)
  • What did you do?
    First we visited Perigen Falls as it looked active but did not catch anything. After - moved to the Kalevala. Hordelings ratters were on their balls but on the way out of the pocket, we met Snuff roaming in BSs+BCs: 3 Navy Drakes, Few Typhoons, Cerb, Sabre. It looked tough but I thought if we engage at range we should have a chance to shoot something and still escape. Our range was similar so I decided to give it a try. We were at range and aligned. Many folks had very low missiles range (50km) so when we started applying we were also taking damage. Obviously, Caracals popped up faster than Drakes an Snuff folks kept an eye on that. So we lost a few Caracals and disengaged.

    After bouncing we jumped through the gate, but on the next gate I decided to give it another try. Same scenario, but I let them come closer and did not realize their Cerberus was tackle fit. He pointed me and while I was trying to escape Phoon landed on me as well and neuted: I should not have let Cerb came that close. My thoughts were that we could kill anything small that can tackle, and I did not expect Cerb to be a tackle.
    https://zkillboard.com/kill/86456004/ -272M

    After that we run away, made few jumps out, and got back to Thera to reship. It was risky to come back to the Kalevala as Snuff might still have been there but it look like they kept camping that pocket and we went to Horde's staging.

    Not much activity there... they were getting folks on their Keepstar when someone brave undocked Kiki. He jumped through our "camp" to the other side of the gate and tried to escape. Interestingly, we killed it without taking losses: I heated ONI's MWD, Hatt Did the same so we were in a good range. It feels that Kiki slowed down a little bit when my and Buckshotxxx's ceptors came in. He tried to kill my stiletto, but went down faster than I did:
    https://zkillboard.com/kill/86456704/ +126M

    After that we moved towards Geminate and caught a bunch of ratters :)

    In the very end, few folks started arguing, it was on the edge of politeness and I am not super happy we ended up fleet this way, but hope everyone remained in a good mood and we will fly again soon.
  • Positives
    • Again, good turnaround
    • Quite a quick form-up, if this remains the same we will start undocking in 15 minutes
    • Decent though tough fights.
    • One of guys joined his first cruiser fleet and nevertheless to tough fights survived, kudos to K'Anpo Rimpoche!
  • Negatives
    • Dunno what happened that people started arguing... and how serious was that, but I don't appreciate those things and would encourage everyone to STOP that.
    • Bad luck catching ratters in the Kalevala... :( they really pay attention to intell
    • Snuff do know their stuff. At least those guys we did fight.
  • What to improve on
    • Need to be more focused and assume tackles on grid even if you don't see anything small. Not only ceptors that can catch you :)
    • Battlereport
      I'm lazy this time and will use Vorkan's report for today:
      https://media.discordapp.net/attachment ... height=684

      Total Killed: +1,170M
      Total Lost: -917M
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