EVE_NT Alliance Open

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EVE_NT Alliance Open

Post by budda_sereda » Sat Aug 15, 2020 11:40 pm

Many of us like fair fights, there is no better opportunity to get a fair fight than participating in an official tournament!

If you live under the rock - check this out: EVE_NT Alliance Open https://open.eve-nt.uk/rules

FWeddit is going to form a team (if we have enough interest) and participate in a draw: hopefully, we will win a chance to fight in the tournament!

To start, we will run a few training sessions, on Sundays sometimes around 1800 - 2400 and try to gage interest.

We might not have 20 pilots to have good 10x10 fights, but we will split into 2 teams and fight in smaller numbers: fun guaranteed, same as a learning experience. Going forward, we will be doing training fights with other teams: from our preparatiove to 5v5 EvE Scrims tournament - that is A LOT OF FUN!!!

If few trainings in a raw we get at least 10 interested pilots we will be forming the team. More details to follow, for now, plan your time and lets ROCK!!!

You need to have access to Sisi, no other requirements to join practices other than a) have fun, b) strive to be a better pilot.

Our friends from other corps and alliances are very welcome to practice and have fun with us!

P.S. Sorry for posting this in AAR topic, this is so non-corp members can read this.

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