[2020-08-06] Thera Roam - #4: killing MTUs

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[2020-08-06] Thera Roam - #4: killing MTUs

Post by budda_sereda » Sat Aug 08, 2020 1:24 am

We got around 12 pilots again
  • Comp
    • Few NOspreys
    • Caracal, Hecate, Garmur, Magus
    • Caracal
    • Wolf
    • Jackdaw
    • 2 Ceptors
  • What did you do?

    We started in Thera by engaging Thermodynamics. They caught us on a surprise on the whole, but did not kill anyone. While we were grouping, they caught Jaller who tried to whole-camp in a Talos:
    He was trying to land a few shots but was caught. I was still thinking to get everyone together and engage them, but we did not have enough DPS to reliably fight them and considering our not that good skills we decided to let that go.

    The further plan was to go up to Decklein, it was a bit of travel, but we made it and killed a bomber on the way:
    This guys was unlucky to despawn very close to one of us so we killed it fast :)

    In Decklein we caught Tornado near the gate, an Ishtar and provoked Ashimu to fight us:

    Other ratters were fast to dock so we killed their MTUs:
    We planned to move up north but were met by a gate camp with LOTS of stuff including carriers so we turned around.

    They jumped through bridges and camped the exit, so we made another round through their ratting pocket. Either they thought we are gonna yeet, or just tried to follow up but we made a circle and escaped the camp :)

    Again, we lost Jaller: he believe a bit ahead of the fleet and before I spotted a gate camp he got caught:

    Overall was fun hunting so +1 another good fleet :)
  • Positives
    • Good turnaround
    • Some kills
    • Many killed MTUs for lols :)
  • Negatives
    • Did not find a GF
  • What to improve on
    • Dunno, open for suggestions.
    • I guess I can learn to remember how to pronounce pilots' names properly
  • Battlereport

    Totally killed: +523M
    Totally lost: -272.8M

    See you next time!
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