7/29/2020 Goon Abandoned Structure Bash

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7/29/2020 Goon Abandoned Structure Bash

Post by apocrit_vespulus » Wed Jul 29, 2020 9:47 pm

  • Comp
    2 Hyperions, a Raven Navy Issue and an Armageddon
    1 Tackle Atron and some DST alts
  • What did you do?
    Goon Astra went abandoned in Pakkonen, went to check on it and some Chinese timezone corp was bashing it with a couple of Domis and a Tengu

    Pinged to steal the juicy loot pinata from them, we formed 2 Hypes a Raven Navy and an Armageddon (plus dst and tackle alts)

    Couldn't get initial tackle and they ran when we entered system, started bashing Destiny invited them to join the bash and then betrayed them to kill the Tengu

    After the Astra popped we got to looting, one of those guys we betrayed came back in a Hound and harassed us a bit but cloaked/warped off when the atron started getting close eventually he gave up though without accomplishing anything

    Then Rando discovered an Anshar in one of the cans, and Destiny scrambled to inject an alt into it while we guarded it with our lives. Then he discovered he also didnt have trig standing on that alt so we had to also wait out the standing change in a nailbiting 15minutes

    At the end of it though we got the Anshar out. We got an additional ~2bil in various items and another 100m in ships
  • Positives
    Killed a Tengu, Killed the Astra, stole an Anshar, lost no one doing it
    Also killed a shitfit Raven that was picking through our scraps afterward
  • Negatives
    Didn't get tackle on the Domi at the start of the op, couldnt kill the bomber that was taking potshots at us
  • What to improve on
    Bring something with better projection to fuck with kitey stuff next time, though luckily the bomber wasnt a huge issue
    Get tackle before jumping the battleships into system
  • Battlereport

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Re: 7/29/2020 Goon Abandoned Structure Bash

Post by budda_sereda » Thu Jul 30, 2020 12:04 am

Good job! Sounds like it was interesting!

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