[2020-06-28] NBM, Caracals - #2: killing hordelings

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[2020-06-28] NBM, Caracals - #2: killing hordelings

Post by budda_sereda » Wed Jul 29, 2020 3:14 am

After a few low-content low-sec roams, we decided to change the doctrine and format of NBM (NewBro Monday) fleets: Caracal Yeet fleets to nul-sec.

This time we formed up
  • Comp
    • FC Cerberus with combat probes
    • 10-ish Caracals (mix of T2 and meta)
    • Bifrost
    • Ramjag
    • 2 Ceptors
    • Blackbird
    • 2 Ospreys and 1 Scythe - again, lol, my fault to get Niv into Scythe when we had 2 Osprey logies
    TBH, we could get a bit more logies but I was going to rely to be smart and fast, not tanky, so 3 logies was completely ok.
  • What did you do?
    We yeeted, this time to Geminate. Ratters watched D-scan so after some time we went to Horde's staging. Even though they deployed elsewhere for war, there was decent traffic. So we got many kills. We were camping R1O for more than 1 hour until they undocked 2 Naglfars and Golem so with support of a few small ships they were able to push us away. We killed a few small ships, lost a few Caracals due to high alpha and as it was late retreated to the closest Thera connection, while taking NOmen on our way back.
    The final accord was killed Bustard whom I whored on the way back with my alt:
    https://zkillboard.com/kill/85954782/ +2.2B - LOL

    Was super fun :)
  • Positives
    • Good turnaround
    • Decent kills
    • AWESOME content: I LOVE hunting Horde
    • I survived in a Cerb again :)
  • Negatives
    • ... none?
  • What to improve on
    • Dunno, let me know. I think I did well.
    • Though, in one of engagement I played a bit too safe and we could not kill Wolf, tackled by Caldari. Luckily, Caldari survived as well.
  • Battlereport

    Totally killed: +6.36B+2.17B=8.53B
    Totally lost: -66.71M

    Probably one of the most successful fleets for me :) Definitely the most one for the last year :)

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