5/20 03:30 Yeet Fleet

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5/20 03:30 Yeet Fleet

Post by william_lyon_mackenzie » Wed May 20, 2020 5:39 am

  • Comp
    Keres https://zkillboard.com/kill/84338299/

    Stabber https://zkillboard.com/kill/84338267/
    Osprey Navy Issue https://zkillboard.com/kill/84338297/
    Osprey Navy Issue
    Vedmak https://zkillboard.com/kill/84338260/
  • What did you do?

    Took a Signal-10 from Villasen. Yeeted into Branch (basically empty except for bots) then burned through Tenal (caught a super cheap Myrm but mostly empty except for bots) to Cobalt Edge. We came in to Cobalt Edge via HB-5L3, hunted for a couple of jumps and then a 15-person and growing response fleet formed in 4LNE-M preventing us moving any further into the region. The response included Machariels, Cerbs, Sabres, Cynabal, Broadsword.

    I took the fleet backwards towards SF-XJS hoping to get us back out through Venal. We tried to bait out a fight and drag out the response fleet but I decided to disengage. We got back into HB-5L3 and our Vedmak tried to get a fight at the citadel on-grid with our out gate which quickly turned into more than we felt we could handle.

    This is where it all went wrong for me: I saw that the SF-XJS gate was clear so I told fleet to jump it. I didn't actually (a) get the fleet in the same place beforehand (b) let people wait down timers and (c) get the other side of the gate. It was bubbled shortly after so the survivors (3 in HB-5L3 / 2 in SF-XJS) yeeted out and made it out.
  • Positives
    There were survivors.
  • Negatives
    The actual fight was a mess. We should have been able to put up a more substantial fight but I botched doing any sort of organized extraction—once I heard the Cynabal was ramming and scramming at 4.5km/s and the Broadsword was already on top of the fleet's warpin point, I panicked. The fleet got separated, a couple of us died piecemeal, and we didn't give it a real contest.
  • What to improve on
    Next time, I would have slowed waaaaay down at the start. I really wanted to move fast to either blap the small stuff from the response fleet or GTFO while the getting's good. That fight was fightable, if not winnable. So next time I would group the fleet at a safe first then make a conscious decision about where to take the fight & have a backup plan for surprises. I also should have used a command channel, got the fleet safe, and talked this through before we took the fight.
  • Battlereport
    lost the ~$400M ISK above, killed ~$130M (Myrm & Sabre) plus some of the guys who yeeted home grabbed 2 Procurers on their way home which I will take credit for.

    Screenshots courtesy of Sid Redlight:
    1st fight
    2nd fight
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Re: 5/20 03:30 Yeet Fleet

Post by shadowozera1 » Wed May 20, 2020 5:59 am

<3 u will

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