5/17 hazardous company astra

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5/17 hazardous company astra

Post by nivlac_hita » Sun May 17, 2020 9:43 pm


next time bring the following:
instead of 14 phoons, 3 scorps, 4 guards, 1 hic, 2 damnations
swap out 2 scorps for 1 extra guard, 1 bhaal. then swap 1 phoon for guard we can do

13 phoons
1 scorp
1 bhaal
1 hic
6 logi
2 links

shoot these first:
-fuck the 2 ashimmus first
-drones on celetis or just insta blap them if we're now rhml
-get the drek since easy isk
-ass blast harbys, watch for interceptors diving in for scram to hold us down while we keep kiting away

and lessons learned
use this fit

-most ppl hml minus 2 guys cruise
-stay far away from astra around 140km to give time to kite away from neut burst
-dont forget the hic
-bring a bhaal just in case
-6 logi
-eat your drugs

a) as they land we mwd on and start kiting, try to engage at 50km ( i know someone has bad skills)
b) if we're still around 50km, TDs still work great so lets use those to cut dps. optimal range
c) wild card mids, debating between tp>jam>damps

- with just 2 paints navy ammo applies fine (theoretically)
- downside is we wont be tackling a lot unless we bring weird things like armor lachs or nose dive a hic/prot
- primary not-light tackle. like they have an ashimmu we go for, that celestis we should delete with like drones so we dont have so much scan res damps on our logi, etc
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