AAR 04/28/2020 First Shots vs KNONO

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AAR 04/28/2020 First Shots vs KNONO

Post by bryg_philomena » Tue Apr 28, 2020 11:43 pm

  • Comp
    2x HAW Dreads - Bryg Philomena & Flying Kiwi
    6x anti-cap dreads
    Kitchen sink subs
  • What did you do?
    We went out to break a camp with a haw dread and a rag tag group of subcaps. We had a second HAW dread on standby as well as several anti-cap dreads.

    We gated my haw dread through to Kinakka and were scouted out in Martoh and KNONO cleared the grid. I followed them to the station, docked, and undocked. We decided to make it look like we were giving up and going home. I warped the dread to the Martoh gate and was followed by a Garmur and some small tackle.

    As this was happening, a russian phantasm gang caught several of our subcaps in Martoh on the Kehjari gate. Several were lost in the fight.

    With small tackle on the gate, the haw dread crashed the gate and jumped back into Kinakka when the battle really kicked off. With my HAW dread tackled, the phantasm fleet came to Kinakka to engage. However, I was unable to track AB phantasms and was only slowly killing the occasional KNONO ship. To assist, Kiwi's HAW dread was dropped. Neither of us were breaking, but we weren't able to track and kill much either.

    Zorin began batphoning, but got snubbed by snuff. (We had already talked to SNUFF and hand them on standby as we tried to escalate KNONO to call in WANGS.) Init Mercenaries were called and had a small Brutix Navy fleet in the area that came to help.

    KNONO brought in a handful of BS with guard support and starting nueting the HAW dreads which made my butthole pucker as I started to get low on cap. But after realizing we couldn't track and blap the guardians, we were able to out DPS guardian reps on the BS and killed several. A very well done boosh was able to push a nueting hyperion off the HAW dreads.

    KNONO warped in a carrier at 100km to put pressure on the HAW Dreads but we caught him out and cynoed two anti-cap dread onto him. The carrier went down fast to the anti-cap dreads but the Phantasm fleet closed in on the anti cap dreads and tackled the Naglfar while it still had four minutes of siege remaining. The Phantasm's couldn't maintain tackle through neut pressure and were applying minimal damage. However, with ~1.5 minutes of siege remaining the IM Brutix Navy gang engaged the Naglfar and provided Lachesis points. At this point the combined gangs worked through the Nag tank and it went down. While the anti-cap dreads were tackled we were in the process of bringing in an apostle and bhaalgorn support. The split fleet between the gate and the anti-cap dreads is primarily the reason for the loss of the Nag, and may have been mitigated by initial fax support.

    Tackle was brought down and Kiwi's HAW was able to extract and return on the anti-cap dread and apostle to save it. When they couldn't break the last anti-cap dread, IM brought their Brutix Navy issues down to my HAW where I was able to start thinning their fleet. Additonal small support and a few BS were warped in KNONO, but ultimately were sacrificed to the HAW gods.

    Eventually, KNONO brought two moros to my HAW at zero and we were just seconds shy on jumping in anti-cap dreads to save my Naglfar and I popped. About this time Holy Cookies' fleet came in earnest and we were able to extract the remaining caps. Holy Cookies then cleared the field of the Phantasm fleet that we had been unable to track and kill.
  • Positives
    We killed a lot of KNONO
    We had Cynos ready and available when we needed them
  • Negatives
    We were shit with subcaps
    We can't deal with low sign kitey AB frigs in HAW
  • What to improve on
    Subcaps and everything related to it
  • Battlereport
    https://br.inyour.space/?s=45314&b=9111 ... =Gfqvuvrvv

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