Typhoons turned Gnosis

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Typhoons turned Gnosis

Post by already_orti » Sun Nov 03, 2019 3:19 am

[MM-DD 00:00] Fleet name/description in the title
Already, formed a roaming fleet on November 2nd at 1800

What did you form
Initially planned to do Typhoons, but switched to Gnosis once we realized our terrible sec status

What happened in fleet (no more than 2 paragraphs. We don't need a play by play, just a high level overview)
Raido scouted for us in a ceptor and we were headed towards Brave's primary staging. We engaged a Tengu which ended up having a brutix, BNI, barghest, and Sabre for support. We were unable to break the Tengu's shield booster.

What went well
Good participation, and Raido was a killer scout.

What didnt' go so well
We were unable to break the Tengu, so we left isk negative.

What to improve on for next time
The biggest thing is remembering sec status affects our ability to get ships out of market hubs. We had to run Gnosis since we couldn't have gotten the typhoons out.

A link of some kills, battle report, or even a video

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