AAR 08/05/2019 Bad Rorqs

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AAR 08/05/2019 Bad Rorqs

Post by bryg_philomena » Thu Aug 29, 2019 4:50 pm

  • Comp
    Carriers and Horde support fleet
  • What did you do?
    Donovan pinged for carriers to be prepped in BOKOPS. A short time later, he pinged again when we were certain of a drop.
    Formed fast and began waiting for Horde to get subcaps into Fountain. As they started entering the WH, the rorqs pulled drones. Leonia decided to drop ASAP to secure tackle with Sirens.

    Upon landing, we were able to tackle three of the four Rorquals on grid. DPS was applying slowly without the horde fleet. We warped to the perch and starburst for security, however a heretic was able to land near us and secure bubbles on two of the carriers (both mine :L) Fortunately, they didn't have any DPS to bring in, and carriers were able to MWD out of the bubble once the heretic was pushed off.

    Horde arrived and carriers warped back down to the field to recall, refuel, and swap out sirens to full DPS. Rorquals 1 and 2 went into panic when they dropped a naglfar on grid. We finished pushing the last Rorqual into panic and swiftly killed the Naglfar. Rorquals started to come out of panic and we killed the first two and took the last into low shield before INIT brought a jackdaw fleet. We finished off the last rorqual and jumped out ASAP after pulling fighters.

    Horde was able to hold the field and suppress the INIT Jackdaw fleet.
  • Positives
    Quick formation.
    Killed three rorqs and a nag
    Pings were good
  • Negatives
    Dual boxxing carriers is hard; lots of fighters lost. (Though no full squad so no lossmails)
    We missed one of the rorqs
  • What to improve on
    Donovan's headset shouldn't die
    More carriers and more DPS; but we did great for not being our TZ
  • Battlereport

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