The Initiative.

In the Summer of 2016, Fweddit embarked on a new journey. We joined The Initiative., uniting us with a strong and well established alliance with a predominant European presence. Fighting the good fight in Syndicate and surrounding areas, we have tasked ourselves to build up the US time zone and to show our might.

While our alliance has changed, our core has not. Fweddit still remains an active and exciting corporation within EVE. Small gang warfare, large fleet fights, Black OPS drops on unsuspecting victims, SOV harrasment, gate camping important supply lines... There isn't much we haven't taken part in, and there is always more for us to make a showing in.

What we offer

Fweddit, along with the alliance, offers multiple services to help you stay connected, informed, and up to date so you never miss a fight or opportunity.

Integrated Discord Server

Once you are connected via auth, our discord server will keep you chatting with your new corp mates. Group channels, pings, a handy informational bot, never miss a thing! We also offer public access for our friends to hang out with us out of game!


Alliance wide voice communications are vital to any functional alliance and corporation. We have that!


Got an idea? Want to know where the next big deployment is? Curious about our doctrines? Like to shitpost? Plenty of things to read and suggest ideas too on our forums.